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PARS EXIR SEPAND company originates from a family business in Saffron city of Iran (Ghaen). With more than 30 years of experience in this business became a saffron dealing company. as a result, could supply the best quality saffron for other saffron packing companies. Eventually, in 2018 and after becoming one of the most famous saffron suppliers in Saffron City. consequently, the owners set up the PARS EXIR SEPAND company to produce packed saffron products.
We introduce our products to international markets under the name of PERSIAN ELIXIR and by presenting 100% natural high-quality saffron in luxurious packs, PERSIAN ELIXIR got successful in target markets, subsequently, the company exports its products to several countries across the world.

In addition to the raw saffron project, our team is looking for new products and trying to make and produce these new products. Besides, we can ship any product worldwide.

Trade Department

We try to produce new products for different tastes and applications. also trying to send various export goods to the world with the best conditions

Saffron Manufacture

Designed and implemented to bring hygiene and quality

Meet The Team

I'm the CEO!!!

Erfan Bolkhari

I'm the Determiner one...

I'm the Executive manager!!!​

Mohammad Ali Akhavan​

I'm the one who sees after successful negotiation...​

I'm the Director of Development and Foreign Trade!!!​

Sahar khalkhali​

I'm the negotiator one...​

I'm the QC!!!

Mahdieh Golroo

I'm the clean one...

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